Zyanya Beauty
Studio & Academy

ZYANYA pronounced (Zee-aan-ya), means Eternal, Always and Forever. 

At Zyanya Beauty Academy we believe in creating beauty with purpose. Our purpose in this industry is to make deeper connections with our clients and enhance their natural beauty. We want our clients to feel beautiful, not only on the outside but also on the inside, that’s what truly makes someone eternally beautiful.

As an academy we aspire to inspire others. We are passionate about our work and we we want to empower you to build the business of your dreams. To strive in this industry, you must have a great foundation as well as passion. We are here to provide our students with elite education and all tools necessary to become successful. We mentor our students with the hopes they will soon become masters in the craft themselves.

Ivonne Jimenez

Ivonne Jimenez is a permanent makeup artist and master trainer, who has been in the cosmetic industry since 2010.  Her fondness  for aesthetics was present at very young age.

At the age of 18, Ivonne became a licensed cosmetologist, but her love for makeup steered her to become a professional makeup artist. Her passion has always been to help people and boost her client’s confidence by enhancing their natural beauty.

Ivonne stumbled across microblading and became obsessed after discovering how natural and long lasting the results were. Soon after she began her journey as a microblading artist, she realized how much a pair of brows can boost someone’s self esteem. This realization made her love for the craft grow immensely.

Since then, Ivonne has devoted her time to master the craft of microblading and permanent makeup. In 2018, she was recognized by PhiBrows Academy as a Royal Artist for her high skills and work quality. In 2020, Ivonne was named Microblading Master Trainer by Beauty Angels Academy, one of the most prestigious microblading academies world wide.

Ivonne continues to further her education in the industry and truly enjoys to pass down her knowledge to her students. She strives to provide top-notch services to her clients and exceptional education to her students.